Tuesday, July 3, 2012


There has been a sea change where I work. I am now in a position where I can reasonably hope some of the dreams that died last year will be re-imagined.

I am excited.


  1. hmmm...very cryptic...
    I am eager to hear about the changes - sounds like you are keen. All the best as you begin to plan & prepare this summer! Paul

    1. Well, rushed more than cryptic. I have two new colleagues who are both visionary and open to doing things differently. There is a strong desire to collaborate and connect things across curriculum borders. Especially in the areas of Christian Education (CE), which is cool to think about (topics of faith in discussions of democracy? how to write a news article focusing on a theme of christian 'heroes'? I dunno yet).

      It is just nice to have something to hope for in the coming year, especially something that is bigger than my classroom.